When do we start working with the student?2022-05-12T16:59:32-05:00

Typically, before the start of a new school year, so we can build a foundation with the student and their campus.

How do the meetings work and how much support time do students get weekly?2022-05-12T16:59:57-05:00

Our students have weekly meetings with our CORE Coaches. We have flexibility of hours built into the cost. Typically, we are spending more hours up front and then less as the student becomes a more confident and skilled self-regulated learners. Meeting times are planned around the schedule of the student.

What types of students do you work with?2022-05-12T17:00:19-05:00

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. They seek support and guidance so they can have the best opportunity for success in their educational setting. Our students may be neurotypical or neurodivergent, but the one commonality is they know they can soar with extra guidance as they travel through their college readiness journey.

How do we communicate progress to the parents?2022-05-12T17:00:38-05:00

Parents have access to coach’s meeting notes, so they can be informed but still respectful of their student’s new responsibilities and independence.

Student question: Is this private or will everyone know I’m getting help?2022-05-12T17:01:06-05:00

Nobody needs to know we are coaching you unless you want to share that information. Due to the virtual nature of coaching through Zoom and the flexibility of scheduling, our coaching meetings and services are respectful of your privacy.

Can you continue services after the initial contract?2022-05-12T17:02:11-05:00

Each contract is based on a minimum 6-month duration to provide supports prior to the start of the academic year and to follow through with semester end exams. You can add on to the initial contract as needed.

What are the services?2022-05-12T17:02:30-05:00

It is tailored, academic coaching that meets the academic and social-emotional needs of the student inside our CORE model of setting goals, creating a plan, and reflecting on the outcome.

And last but not least……. cost?2024-03-14T11:19:34-05:00

CORE runs on a semester basis and includes virtual sessions averaging 5 times a week, with built-in flexibility to meet more often during peak academic times. Rolling admissions based on availability.

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