What is My CORE Strategy?

My CORE strategy is a program that supports students’ momentum toward college readiness.

The focus of CORE is to engage students in building awareness of how to plan, act, and reflect on their learning to build confidence and increase success. CORE focuses on more than coaching or an accountability partner. We are working with students using an evidence-based model that helps students become self-regulated learners.

CORE coaches guide our students repeatedly through a Self-Regulated Learning process and will also support internal factors while you work on coursework and tasks. Students are working to gain autonomy and integrate into their school environment.

What do they say?


College was a big change. It wasn’t the amount of work or the difficulty level, but I have never created a full semester schedule before. Looking at the entire semester at once was overwhelming. My CORE coach modeled how to develop a long-term planning schedule and how to then concentrate on one week and one day at a time. Following the schedule has given me confidence in my college work.


CORE has helped me understand what college is really like. Dr. Link has helped me to become more independent by helping me create a weekly schedule. I am now more confident in setting meetings with my professors and communicating better.


CORE has helped tremendously in helping with organizing my work. The biggest support has been having direct contact with Dr. Link. As my CORE coach, she has helped my communication with the college while making decisions during registration.


We couldn’t be happier for our daughter and the progress she has made with CORE! She is so proud of herself and feels confident again about school. It has made all the difference!

Sonja Payne

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