1. Admissions

Getting off to the right start can help avoid the common challenges while balancing the new opportunities and responsibilities of college life. We recommend applying for CORE at the same time you are applying to college or once you have made your college decision.

Our application process involves:  

  1. Submit Application Materials 
  2. Participate in Informational Interview with a CORE Team Member And materials to be submitted
  3. Submit Application Materials 
    • Unofficial HS and College transcripts
    • Educational Testing
    • 504 / IEP

We know our students have already worked hard to apply and get organized for college applications. Our process is meant to be easy, so we can get to know you and determine if we are the right coaching support for you.

2. Get Started

Our coaching is customized to the student and their college of choice. We get to know both so we are an educated advisor on what the student needs to thrive in that environment. CORE Coaches collaborate with students to develop strategies that work for them.

  1. Reach out to us to get your questions answered and understand the scope of our services.
  2. Submit your application materials:
  3. Our team will review the information and set up an interview.

Need help? We are available to walk you through this. Please reach out for additional assistance.

3. Tuition

CORE runs on a semester basis and includes virtual sessions averaging 5 times a week, with built-in flexibility to meet more often during peak academic times. Rolling admissions based on availability. 

Semester Tuition
Fall (Aug 1) – $7125
Spring (Jan 1) –  $7125
Summer (Jun 1) –  $3150

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