1. Our Students

CORE students attend a university of their choice and are all pursuing their own course of study, so our job is to be flexible and individualize our services to their needs.

Who is a CORE Student? Any student that could benefit from our coaching and becoming a self-regulated learner as they pursue high school through college. Sometimes our brightest students may struggle with executive function skills such as organization and planning or managing all the new opportunities and responsibilities.  

Our CORE students:  

  • Demonstrate academic success and desire to balance school rigor  
  • Manage their school’s academic platform  
  • Benefit from strategies to prioritize, stay organized, and manage their time
  • Advocate and communicate their needs to professors
  • Learn how to become independent and are willing to accept help
  • Balance coursework with managing life and making new peer connections   

Students we work with may previously have had the support of a 504 plan or IEP to provide accommodations in high school. When these services are not in place, students may require additional coaching beyond what is available at a university. Students with ADHD, learning differences, or autism spectrum disorders all may benefit from the availability of coaches who truly understand their needs.  

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